August Possibility!

August Possibility

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Hello August,

I am excited that you are here! Last year, August became one of my favorite months of the year. It marked the beginning of my 200-hour yoga teacher training which I hosted at Power Yoga Hawaii. It also marked the beginning of my first ever social media challenge - a lifestyle challenge. This year the teacher training begins on August 20th, but nonetheless, August still carries the vibration of possibility for me. I am greeting you (August) with gratitude, as Day 1 of the #AugustLifestyleChallenge is to start a gratitude practice.

I practice gratitude...when I think of it, on Thanksgiving, when I need it, often, but not regularly, not daily. I chose to place the gratitude practice first in the 31- day social media challenge because I feel it is a practice which if implemented daily for an entire month will yield a major shift in overall happiness.