Fall is around the corner

Fall is around the corner

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Hello Yogis!

September is here. The kiddos are officially back to school. Not mine, but yours! It is time to get serious about the way we are spending our time. Fall is right around the corner. Even though I live in Hawaii, when I let my brain register that it is fall, I am able to feel a crispness in the air. With this feeling, I am brought back to how I felt growing up on the east coast during the fall - inspired. Between the beginning of soccer season + purchasing new school supplies (always my favorite part about the new school year) + a few new stellar outfits - I always felt optimistic. Though, I don't feel any change in temperature here in Hawaii, in fact, it feels hotter and more humid than usual, I do feel this "school year" is going to rock! I find that because my brain registers that it is fall, it is conditioned to ready me for a year of growth, optimism, strength, and achievement. I feel this optimism in my mind and body.

Some big events are on the calendar this "school year" including my brother's wedding in October, my own wedding in 2017, my second Big Island yoga retreat (Go Deeper 2017), and ongoing home renovations. Yes, I am happy to report that we frequent Lowe's every Saturday!

Teacher training is well under way and I am absolutely loving, loving, loving each moment. Every time I lead a TT, I remember the WHY behind yoga, including why I fell in love with yoga many years ago. It also reminds me of all of the ways I can better live my yoga. Last weekend we covered yoga anatomy and yoga mythology. Coming up this weekend we are diving into more yoga anatomy and Ayurveda. As we head into the week 5 lecture series, I feel pretty darn grounded and happy to be doing what I am doing. Yes, #joblove is completely accurate.

Several yogis expressed interest in a February 2017 yoga teacher training. As we say in yoga, the seed has been planted. I am thinking, planning, and fairly close to opening enrollment for a February 2017 TT. Yep, that's right. If you are interested, please email me at info@lauramaryflynn.com to get the conversation going.

Why wait for January 1st to feel inspired and get going? Start today! Let your brain and body remember that Fall means fresh new beginnings and get going. You have a whole "school year" of opportunity ahead of you. Don't wait, start today, get inspired and get moving!

With Gratitude,

laura mary