LM’S Amazon Top 10 Must Have List

Let’s face it, over this pandemic we have all succumbed to online shopping to purchase as much of our necessities as possible. In the spirit of shopping, I wanted to share with you some of my top Amazon picks for non-essential items, that are both very affordable and totally awesome (albeit, random).

As you might know, I try to live a minimalist life. Which means I don’t often go on spending sprees on Amazon, but these affordable products are all so worthy of sharing as they are truly some of my favorite purchases ever. All at a steal price. It also means, in an effort to avoid overconsumption, I practice, ‘in with one product out with another.'

It is also important to mention that I tend to buy less items on Amazon and opt instead to buy high quality brands (particularly for clothes). And as for body products, my general rule of thumb is that I stay as “natural” as possible. If I consume one of the top ingredients listed on a body product, even better!

With all of that said, these products still pass every test and are all LM-approved. Here we go!

1) These headbands.

2) This shirt.

3) This green tea eye gel patch.

4) This backpack.

5) These sunnies.

6) These resistance loop bands.

7) This shampoo and conditioner set.

8) This lipstick.

9) These scrunchies.

10) This nut milk bag.