“So become more and more loving, and you will become more and more joyful. And don’t be bothered about whether your love is returned or not; that is not the point at all. Joy follows love automatically, whether it is returned or not, whether the other is responsive or not. If you are loving, you are joyful, and that is more than enough, more than one can expect. That is the beauty of love – that its result is intrinsic, its value is intrinsic. It does not depend on the response of the other. It is totally yours.” -Osho


Day after day, flowers share their beauty with the world. They blossom full of grace and love, regardless of whether or not we stop to admire their perfection. Their scent smells just as sweet, even if their presence is taken for granted.

Trees continue to do their thing even if we forget to bow down in gratitude for the oxygen they provide (because we all bow down, right?), and stars shine bright even if we fail to gawk at them.

Similarly, we share this unlimited capacity to love. The good news is that you can love just like a flower. Your love is not dependent on the admiration of others. Yoga invites the practice of opening your heart completely, celebrating, and living joyfully, without expectation or reciprocity from others. The experience of love, of joy, is yours and yours alone. So why hold back?

There is no such thing as offering too much. Writing this even makes me smile, today make a point of not holding back in this department. Share smiles with strangers, tell your family, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend how you feel about them. Offer up lots and lots and lots of love, start NOW! 🙂

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Pretty flowers in unexpected places...

Love and Nature, A Reflection

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Love and Nature, A Reflection

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Love and Nature, A Reflection

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Love and Nature, A Reflection

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