Yoga: Truth and Inspiration

Yoga: Truth and Inspiration


You are productive. Hello, 4:30am wakeup call, 6am yoga class, teaching a private yoga session in the park, followed by my own yoga practice. I was ready for you.

Did I mention that there were sea turtles swimming right in front of me?

Is every day as inspiring as today? No. I thought about what life details I wanted to share on my blog, and I decided that I want to share what I am feeling. If and when I go through a really rough time, I am not opposed to sharing my feelings.

The truth is right now, I feel pretty damn good about life. Furthermore, I generally write when I feel good, it’s not that everything in my life is always rosy and peachy, but right now it feels that way. I am writing a lot these days because I have something to share.

It feels really good to share and not hold back. Today was awesome.

As a yoga teacher, I practice standing in my own authentic truth, speaking my mind, and not worrying about what others might think. Today, I was basking in my own truth, in a puddle of savasana, I smiled, hugged my knees to my chest, and was one refreshed and happy girl.

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Yoga: Truth and Inspiration


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Yoga: Truth and Inspiration


Realization - by standing in my own authentic truth, I inspire.

With Love,

laura mary