praise"Yoga with Laura Mary has lead me on a path of discovery which has awaken the warrior within my soul. The warrior in which sometimes we are all afraid to be. Laura Mary teaches you to embrace that inner strength and celebrate yourself on and off your mat. She creates a positive and nurturing environment that enables you to step outside your comfort zone to do things you didn't think possible. Her classes have helped me to tear down my walls of self doubt that I had built around me all these years. She taught me to believe in myself and not be afraid to fall. Her passion for teaching and helping people achieve their yoga goals is greatly displayed in her classes." -Shelley

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, Laura Mary. Your flow practice is truly beautiful, and I feel lucky that you share it with us. Before taking your class I was in a full-on yoga funk; your practice has definitely helped me bust through that. I can even feel it in my surfing. Thanks for putting so much love into your teaching - it really shows, and it really transforms." -Zoe

"Wow! Laura Mary Flynn... You are the bomb dot com. My husband and I took your Sunday afternoon class at Power Yoga Hawaii and I don't think I have made a better decision in a long time. My husband actually said that the class was so good that he didn't mind missing some of his playoff games... too much.  😉 Outside of my husband liking the class (hopefully he will continue to join me for more yoga classes)... I had the best class I have had in all my years of doing yoga, which I believe is saying a lot since I have been doing yoga over 15 years. I basically have constant neck pain.  I get massages, Acupunture etc and I never get 100% relief. I essentially live with constant tension in my neck and upper back, which is bearable but not fun. Well, your class today changed that feeling. You started the class stating that we will be focusing on poses stretching the neck and releasing the tension. I had no clue that my head would literally be floating at the end of class. I can't say  that a specific pose did the trick... I'm sure it was a compilation of multiple poses but one thing that really stood out was your constant reminder to us: Stop tensing and straining our necks during poses because the poses we were doing had nothing to do with our neck so why are we straining it in every damn pose!! The poses, stretches and just your words made the class and my neck is so grateful. You are a fantastic teacher and you make poses look effortless. You remind me that yoga is not just a workout... It's so much more. Mahalo again for such a great class. I look forward to taking more of your classes (even if I hate inversions! Ha) You have a new yogi follower." -Carolyn

"As an RYT-200 yogi teaching private lessons while caring for my elderly parents, my own practice had become uninspired and inconsistent. I have been attending Laura Mary's classes 2-3x a week for about a month now and this is the result. I have fallen in love with yoga again. I have deepened and strengthened my own practice. I am progressing in the most challenging poses, accessing my edge and being guided to approach them in new ways. Most beautifully, whatever shape and sequence the asanas takes, Laura Mary's flow is breath-centered and heart centered, and is a transformative experience. I always leave feeling expanded, lighter, stronger, and grateful for the joy that is yoga. Lastly (although I could go on), I am happier, kinder, and better able to be in each moment of my life off of the mat. Enough said, Mahalo Nui Loa, Laura Mary!" -Kristine