My hope is to share my passion and love for yoga with the world. I can teach Private Sessions, Group Sessions, Events, and Workshops anywhere on Oahu.

Group Classes

I regularly lead group classes at LM Yoga in Kaimuki and outdoors at Magic Island.

Private Instruction

Yoga was historically taught as private lesson, one teacher to one student. In this way, the teacher can tailor the practice to one student and their needs, level, and life situation. A private lesson is a great way to connect, and find a deeper practice in whatever way it serves you.

Are you a new student? A private lesson is a great way to be introduced to your yoga practice in a safe manner. You will learn all of the basic postures as well as several modifications specific and suitable for you and your own practice.

Are you an advanced student? A private lesson is a perfect add on to your current practice. If you are working towards a challenging posture (scorpion, handstand or deeper backbends), a private is for you!

Are you an athlete looking to advance your game? In a private lesson you will learn postures to help you step up your game and get to that next level.

Do you have a specific health issue that you would like to concur? For many health issues, a private lesson can be an excellent add on to your current regimen, be it insomnia or low back pain, yoga can be of helpful for you!

Corporate Yoga

Want to boost employee productiveness? Decrease office stress? Improve work environment posture?

Let's work together and improve your worksite's wellness with a yoga class. Plenty of research in the area of worksite wellness has found the benefits of adding exercise (specifically yoga) to a work day.

Keiki Yoga

Yoga helps keiki (kids) gain strength, flexibility, focus, and it's fun! Kids are welcome at all of my group classes (excluding classes at CorePower Yoga). If you are interested in sharing the joy of yoga with your child, please contact me in advance.


I am holding two Goal Chaser workshops per year. Please e-mail me to hear about the details. I will share more details on the page here, once I have solidified the schedule.


Annual yoga retreats over Memorial Day Weekend on the Island of Hawaii.

Teacher Trainings

Annually, Mid-August through Mid-October (9-week, 200hr TT)