Private Instruction

private instruction

private instruction

Yoga was historically taught as private lesson, one teacher to one student.  In this way, the teacher can tailor the practice to the student and their needs, level, and life situation.  A private session is a great way to connect and find a deeper practice in whatever way it serves you.

Are you a new student?  A private session is a great way to be introduced to your yoga practice in a safe manner.  You will learn all of the basic postures as well as several modifications specific and suitable for you and your own practice.

Are you an advanced student?  A private session is a perfect way to expand and refine your current practice.  If you are working towards a challenging posture (scorpion, handstand, deeper backbends, etc.), a private can be very beneficial.

Are you an athlete looking to advance your game?  In a private session you will learn postures to help you step up your game and get to that next level.

Do you have a specific health issue that you would like to concur?  For many health issues from insomnia to low back pain, yoga can be an excellent add on to your current therapy or rehabilitation regimen, but group classes could be intimidating or dangerous.  A private session may be just what you need.


Private sessions are typically 60 to 120 minutes long.  Where in your day can you carve out at least an hour for yoga?  A private session can be held in the park, at the beach, or at the convenience of your home.


  • Individual Private Sessions: 1-on-1
  • Group Private Sessions: 2+ people
  • Wellness Visits: 3-hour long visits that include a private yoga session and an organic vegan meal
  • Parties & Events (Office Groups, Birthday Party, Spa and Relaxation Events, etc.)
  • Workshops
  • Private retreats (Out-of-town or local)


  • Private Sessions: $120 per 60-minute session.
  • Group Classes (2+): $150
  • Group Classes (5+): Base group rate + $20/person.
  • Wellness Visits: $200 per 3-hour visit.
  • Special Events/Parties, Organizations, Workshops, Retreats, etc. - Contact for specific rates.

*Cancellation policy: At least 48 hours for a group private session and 24 hours for a individual private session.