Class Schedule

class schedule

During the COVID-19 quarantine, LM began teaching her weekly yoga classes online. Join her via Zoom ever week on Sunday and Thursday from 8:00-9:15am (HST) - Donation Class. Email LM at [email protected] to join class and receive the Zoom url, link and password. I hope to see you in a future class.

Sunday Yoga Flow:

Enjoy a creative and athletic vinyasa flow to the rhythm of your own breath, the practice is grounded in intelligent anatomical sequencing. Feel prepared to safely reach new potentials in postures, to explore arm balances, and to form an empowering connection with yourself. All on the yoga mat. Expect a thorough warm-up with preparatory postures, followed by a healthy dose of sweat, before a relaxing cool down into savasana.

Thursday Foundations Yoga:

In this yoga class, we will break down many basic (foundational) yoga postures. Plenty of modifications will be offered. LM will describe how, when, and why to use various props. And posture benefits throughout class will be explained.

This class is for you if you are a seasoned yogi, but want to move a little bit slower, and more deliberately. This class is for you if you want to revisit the roots of various yoga postures. Maybe you've never learned the how and why of these foundational postures and you would like to, this is a great class for you. To all of the athletes out there, this class will help reset muscle strength/tension imbalances and help you move better bilaterally. Foundations Yoga can serve as a cross-training workout for you.

Finally, this class is beginner friendly and will provide a solid base for you to learn and grow from. My intention is to make yoga a safer, smarter, and more accessible practice for all. I hope you all enjoy my Foundations Yoga class. For all levels, bodies, ages, and activity levels.

More Information on All Zoom Yoga Classes:

We have a lot of yogis joining, from all over the world, and I really want to see you all! When you enter the chat, you will be muted, and your videos will not be turned on. I will request to turn your videos on (briefly) at the beginning of class, during core/water break, and again at the end. If you do not want your video to display or your sound turned on, simply don’t click “start video” or “unmute” – it is your choice! I would love to see you all, though! Also, turn your video on if you want direct feedback and cues from me! During the class, I will have your audio muted.

I have always taught donation yoga, and it fits now more than ever. I know that times are tough. If you cannot make a donation, please take class anyways. I hope your post-yoga energy helps lift both your spirits and collectively the world around you! For anyone making a class donation, the button above has my venmo information. Here is my venmo username, where you can send donations: @LauraMary-Flynn

During this quarantine period, I will be donating 50% of the proceeds to COVID-19 community needs.

Furthermore, as we continue to the fight against COVID-19, I want to support those serving on the front lines. All first responders, nurses, doctors, paramedics, fire fighters, and police officers can practice for free with me. I want to thank you all for being the true superheroes, and for keeping our community and world safe during this unprecedented time. I want to do my part and help keep you happy, healthy, and safe. Please join class and be my guest.

I will not be playing music, because I want all of you to hear me. Feel free to play your own music at home, just make sure you are muted. If I ask you to unmute during one of our breaks, just pause your music, and then once we get started again go back to muted and please play your music!

If you have props, I recommend having them by your mat (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets etc.).

Sunday’s Yoga Flow, is always all levels, which does not necessarily mean easy. It means, that I trust that you, the student, will modify as needed and always, always, feel free to take a break or go into child’s pose. I really want this to be your practice. As we keep hearing, these are unprecedented times, and I want you all to feel grounded, safe, open, and powerful – despite all the chaos, better yet - in the face of chaos. I truly think that when students choose to modify, it is the sign of an advanced yogi. Make Sunday’s practice yours, and modify-away! Add your own flare, be it through music, props, or modifications. I cannot wait!

Class Schedule (Updated April, 2020)


LM Yoga 8:00 - 9:15 AM