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July 13th-August 3rd, 2020:

Anatomy of Movement Series

Knot of Henry

Join me for a month long program of learning anatomy. This Summer, I am teaching 4 modules of a 12 module series. Spots are limited and payment plans are available upon request.

Course Content:

Week 1 - Monday, July 13th, 5PM-6PM (HST) – Welcome, introduction, review of key concepts from Lecture #1 Foundations of Structural Kinesiology

Week 2- Monday, July 20th, 5PM-6PM  (HST) – Review of key concepts from Lecture #2 Neuromuscular Fundamentals

Week 3- Monday, July 27th, 5PM-6PM  (HST) – Review of key concepts from Lecture #3 Biomechanical Fundamentals

Week 4- Monday, August 3rd, 5PM-6PM  (HST) – Review of key concepts from Lecture #4 The Ankle and Foot Joints

Course Details:

Asynchronous Component:

Each week, you will receive a lengthy PowerPoint presentation on the topic of the week. The PowerPoint has my audio recorded on each page, and the intent is for you to participate in this piece of the course, asynchronously. Which means you can complete this aspect of the course on your own time in a way that fits your schedule! This also means, you can listen to the lecture again and again, because learning all of the material is very much a matter of exposure and repetition.

In addition, there will be a weekly assignment and a reading for you to complete.

Synchronous Component:

Each week, we will meet virtually via Zoom for an hour to discuss the lectures in more detail. I will answer key concept questions that you have and we will discuss the week’s assignment and reading, together!