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It's been a hot minute since I've updated my blog. My apologies. I am back in Boston, MA because I just got ankle surgery on Friday (wamp, wamp). The good news is that I am on the mend. I arrived on November 1st and my surgery wasn't until November 6th. I had some time during the week to be with friends and to make it to this amazing Urban Oasis every day, twice per day. I've love this restaurant for years. I went to it when it was out in Lowell, MA. This really says a lot, because you know this if you are from Wellesley or Boston, you never head out to Lowell! It just doesn't happen. But I went many years ago, because I heard of this delicious Urban Oasis. Better yet, I heard that the Urban Oasis was heading to Boston. I loved this place so much, I applied to work there before it even opened. I was hired. Mind you, I was still working at McLean Hospital doing psychopharmacology research, taking night classes at Harvard Extension School, and  trying to keep my life balanced. In the end, I decided not to work there, this was before the Cambridge Life Alive opened roughly 5 years ago. Wow, the success that this all RAW vegetarian restaurant has had is amazing. As I mentioned earlier, I went twice per day for their yummy goodness. Below are a few photos of my favorite dishes. YUM!

If you are ever in Cambridge, MA, in Central Square - check them out!

Life Alive (an Urban Oasis)

Miso Soup with a ton of dinosaur kale and tofu. YUM! I order the bowl (aka large).

Life Alive

I order the Carrot Cake smoothie, holy heaven. This smoothie is full of so much yummy goodness, it will have you feeling so energized and blissed out, it is unreal. And it actually tastes like a carrot cake. The Carrot Cake smoothie contains hemp protein, carrot juice, banana, ice cream (vegan), rice milk, and cinnamon.

LifeAliveSmoothieLastly, for my main course, though at this point I am quite full, I order the adventurer (size bowl). This entree has the biggest pack for its punch. Chock full of vegetables (corn beets, broccoli and kale), avocado, legumes, sprouted grains, it is amazing. I sub the cheese and add avocado to make it vegan. Instead of the sauce it comes with I use the Nutri-Lemon Flax Sauce.


If you are reading this and don't live in Boston, MA, worry not. You can use their menu and be inspired to recreated similar dishes. They are so delicious and capable of being replicated. Trust me, I've done it! If you do live in Boston, check them out. You won't be disappointed!

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