Monthly Archives: October 2020

Aloha Yogis,

I feel our greatest power in life is choice. No matter what is happening around us, we can always choose how we perceive and react. In fact, no one but you can determine what you choose to think. You can choose to believe in miracles. You can choose to have faith in the goodness of others. Seeing the goodness in others isn't always easy, sometimes this is a challenge. I know some of you are reading this and nodding knowingly! 

Simply by not assuming malice in others, and rather, looking for goodness in others, you invoke those qualities in the world (of goodness that is). If we believe in the goodness of the people we interact with, they will be much more likely to show you that goodness.

Our thoughts become things.

For instance, when you believe in the possibility of miracles...they start to happen.

Gosh, the power of the mind is the coolest thing. The best part is that we can always change our mind. None of our thoughts are set in stone. Remember, the brain is plastic!

I hope you can join me for yoga class tomorrow (Sunday) at 8am (HST). Email [email protected] to join, I would love to have you in class. Class is donation-based (Venmo: @LauraMary-Flynn).

I believe in miracles,