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Aloha Yogis,

Another 2020 fitting intention: I pave my own way.

The desire to fit in and conform to societal norms has always driven American culture, juxtaposed to the desire for individualism. What an uphill battle we are in: needing and wanting to fit in and be well liked, yet, simultaneously trying to make a name for ourselves. It is a dance of proportions. Too much individualism and we stand out (not in a preferred way), too little and we aren’t successful.

If you’ve lost me, all good, I’ll explain. I may or may not be liked by everyone. As a yoga teacher, this was once a really hard pill to swallow. I’ve learned this lesson though, and it takes so much pressure off of everything I do.

Along those same lines…not everyone will:
            1) see things in the same way I do
            2) feel what I feel
            3) think what I think

Okay, so knowing this, why do I feel such anguish by the political divide in our country? I should know better. Well the pain I feel is caused by me, and the belief that others should experience 1, 2, and 3. And they don’t, so now what?

Step 1 - Identify the source of the anguish (self-inflicted).
Step 2 – Make a commitment to yourself (validate your truth).
Step 3 – Pave your own way (create the future YOU desire).

The political divide in our country and the associated anguish I feel related to this is simply a microcosm of what I am getting at here. We all feel anguish over one thing or another, usually it involves people. We create stories related to the anguish, and we can forget our truths and even lose sight of our purpose. On top of that, we might still be balancing the desire to fit in with the need to simultaneously carve out a niche for ourselves. 

Remember, the story in your head was created by you. Let’s take steps to empower our story.

Yes, the anguish, the stress, the 'what if' thoughts - all founded by you. You can also be the founder of your own commitments and declarations, vision, and future.

For instance, I commit to living my authentic truth, even though at times it feels like a solitary journey (enter, future anguish). In some ways, there is clarity, for example, I have no desire to fit in with really any of the modern societal norms (i.e. Instagram Influencer Culture, fewf). However, it is a challenge to not listen and take to heart everyone’s input on what I ‘should’ do.

But here’s the thing, everything depends on you finding your own place in the world. Truly, everything depends on you uncovering your purpose. You are your best, in everything, when you are authentic.

As my matriculation approaches, I feel lots of pressure to ‘figure it all out’ and I haven’t yet. I will follow my own interests, practice vision meditation, and choose future directions that feel ‘right’ for me. And concurrently take action! Not action on some future date or once I have my vision all perfect, now. It’s not enough to just dream and manifest, get moving.

I trust that I will pave my own way. Thanks to a keen eye for discernment, the right attitude, and lots of years of school, I am paving.

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Daring to be different,


Aloha Yogis,

Inertia is the tendency of an object to continue movement in whatever direction it's moving in, unless it is introduced to a counterforce. This idea of inertia has me thinking about choosing to be a counterforce.

To be honest, I love reading the New York Times every day, but 2020 feels so heavy and the news so morbid. It is filled with negative energy. Which is why I decided to take a little news hiatus. I realize this was a choice, and probably a privileged choice at that, but the momentum of the negativity felt contagious.

Which is why, I want to instead be a counterforce. I want to consciously and proactively participate in a counterforce to the world's despair.

I choose to consciously participate in the world's transformation.

Above is a picture of one my happy places, a place that stirs up feelings of peace and love. This is probably our favorite hike on Oahu, we've done it countless times. When I think of positive imagery, the one above comes to mind: my little family hiking together at our favorite spot.

I guess I began thinking about energy and interaction and how I don't want to be a contributing factor to someone's day feeling hard. I want to make the people around me feel better. The only way I can do that is if I properly take care of myself. Mind my own energy. Because it is contagious. We can feel each other's energy, in person, of course, but even over the phone or Zoom.

It's important work. Being a counterforce, that is.

When enough of us...

  • love -> fear dissolves.
  • find peace in our hearts -> war ends.
  • stand on what we know to be true -> falsehoods no longer hold sway.

I want to live in that world. Here is the thing, I can only control my own energy. It does nothing to think with anticipatory dread about wanting to change someone else. Hopefully, in some small way, my thoughts and actions bring us closer to "enough of us" because "I'm in."

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See you tomorrow!


Aloha Yogis,

This weeks intention: What I appreciate appreciates.

With so much hardship all around us this year, it is easy to get overwhelmed in the stress of it. Swallowed with worry, if you will.

Let's not forget all of the blessings that we already have in our lives. Let's appreciate these blessings. My practice this week is to not take any of it for granted, and to receive each daily blessing with a humble heart.

Here is my short list: Because I woke up today, because I have clean air to breathe, a roof over my head, an amazing husband, a family that loves me, and lifelong sister-friends. Because I have a healthy pup, and the opportunity to better myself with years of education as I work towards my PhD. Because I have my health, because I have this life...and the list goes on.

I appreciate my own abundance. And this acknowledgement of my abundance will cause it to increase. What I appreciate appreciates. As a brand new week approaches, I hope to be used. Sunday, use me up.

I know that others are living in pain and I want to be useful to help the healing of others, to attenuate their suffering. Let's appreciate - our own abundance - and so that we might increase our own abundance. Because when our cups are full we can be used for greater good. So with that, week: please use me up. 

Join me tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 8am (HST). Email me to join at [email protected], I would love to have you in class. Class is donation-based (Venmo: @LauraMary-Flynn).

See you tomorrow!