Conscious Participation

Aloha Yogis,

Inertia is the tendency of an object to continue movement in whatever direction it's moving in, unless it is introduced to a counterforce. This idea of inertia has me thinking about choosing to be a counterforce.

To be honest, I love reading the New York Times every day, but 2020 feels so heavy and the news so morbid. It is filled with negative energy. Which is why I decided to take a little news hiatus. I realize this was a choice, and probably a privileged choice at that, but the momentum of the negativity felt contagious.

Which is why, I want to instead be a counterforce. I want to consciously and proactively participate in a counterforce to the world's despair.

I choose to consciously participate in the world's transformation.

Above is a picture of one my happy places, a place that stirs up feelings of peace and love. This is probably our favorite hike on Oahu, we've done it countless times. When I think of positive imagery, the one above comes to mind: my little family hiking together at our favorite spot.

I guess I began thinking about energy and interaction and how I don't want to be a contributing factor to someone's day feeling hard. I want to make the people around me feel better. The only way I can do that is if I properly take care of myself. Mind my own energy. Because it is contagious. We can feel each other's energy, in person, of course, but even over the phone or Zoom.

It's important work. Being a counterforce, that is.

When enough of us...

  • love -> fear dissolves.
  • find peace in our hearts -> war ends.
  • stand on what we know to be true -> falsehoods no longer hold sway.

I want to live in that world. Here is the thing, I can only control my own energy. It does nothing to think with anticipatory dread about wanting to change someone else. Hopefully, in some small way, my thoughts and actions bring us closer to "enough of us" because "I'm in."

Join me tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 8am (HST). Email me at info@lauramarylinsley to join, I would love to have you in class. Class is donation-based (Venmo: @LauraMary-Flynn).

See you tomorrow!