Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Juice Box Hawaii Cleanse: Day 1

No coffee and no food for three days, sign me up! That sounds like the worst experience, ever. Anyways, here I am, right in it. I haven’t had any coffee, and I feel totally fine without the coffee. I do love the morning routine of enjoying a nice warm brew, the aroma, the memories, the habit, amazing. Even though I love me some coffee, it is good to switch it up sometimes, so I was actually happy to take a break from coffee consumption, food, however, not so much.

Today: 6 juices, 2 juice shots, 1 small kale salad with strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. In theory--Yum!Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Let me just tell you all, I was the kid in high school that needed to eat a snack half way through practice so that I didn’t get light headed and pass out. I did in fact pass out at one high school basketball practice. I continued this snacking tradition through college as well. Knowing my fainting tendencies, I was more than a bit apprehensive about how I would fair with a cleanse. My main worry was that I wouldn’t have enough energy to function throughout the day.

I chose to do my cleanse with Juice Box Hawaii because their juice is straight up amazingly delicious. They work with you to create juices that you find yummy.

I went into this cleanse with a few intentions:

1- To try it.

2- To write about the experience honestly.

3- To ultimately gain a sense of whether or not I feel it’s a healthy habit.

4- To be extremely gentle and nourishing with myself, only gentle yoga, naps were okay, beach, etc. (tough life, I know).

What really happened?

I made it most of the day.

I was complaining to my friend all day about how much I wanted to eat real food, and wining about how hungry I was; I was really great company (Taryn, you are a trooper). We did a small hike (not so gentle of me, view pictured below), and my fast metabolism went through that juice so quickly and was eager and ready for the next one while I still had two sips left. I thought I was doomed. Day 1 and I can’t even survive? People all over the world go hungry everyday.

Juice Cleanse: Day 1

However, my intention was never to feel hungry, to lose weight, or to feel really deprived. Why didn’t deprivation cross my mind given that all I had to consume all day were 6 fresh juices, 2 shots (wheatgrass and lemon), and one small kale, strawberry, blueberry, tomato salad? Not sure.

When 5pm rolled around and I was starving, I swallowed my pride and let go of the thought that I was somehow “failing” and had a piece of toast (o.m.g). Yep, I had toast. And guess what, I am still alive, the world is still spinning, I am still on a cleanse (mostly). I called my Dad earlier in the day to explain my starvation/light headed predicament, he said, “do what’s natural,” Derek said, “Don’t quit!”. I circled back to my intention which was to try it and not feel deprived. I certainly felt deprived.

I am going to continue with my cleanse, maybe the next two days go better, but I live an active lifestyle as a full-time yogi and yoga teacher. I am a lover of food. I mean a real lover. This is going to sound very western of me, but the thought of not being able to have food made me feel anxious. I had switched my juice cleanse perspective from excitement to fear, I was scared that I was going to hate it and that I would be locked in. But having that little piece of toast eliminated the fear for me, now I know that if I wanted to I could always eat a piece of toast. I wasn’t going to shrivel up and pass out.

My Advice...

Before, you begin a cleanse, check your motives. Fresh juices are extremely beneficial for your health and unquestionably great additions to your current eating regimen, but a full-on cleanse is intense. Just be aware of your motives. As for me, it was investigative. I was dubious of the benefits of a cleanse; the first day of my cleanse proved to be a lot harder because I hadn’t yet bought into the cleanse mania. I still need to do my own research on the benefits. I would also caution you against doing a non-whole-foods based cleanse, for example with synthetic powders, be very weary!

It is now 8:30pm and I just had my second to last juice, I actually feed really good. I think, if you’ve made it to the point where you have signed up for a cleanse, you are more than likely on the right track to taking control of your health and your life in a positive way.

Cleanse is a big buzz word these days and sure there are pros to sticking with the cleanse 100% but for me it didn’t outweigh the fact that I wanted to go to bed and it was 5pm. I weighed the pros and cons and went with toast. So be it, and life goes on.

Truth be told. Hopefully, tomorrow goes a bit better. One thing is for certain these juices are amazing! Thank you Juice Box Hawaii!

With Love,

laura mary