Just Do It

Happy Aloha Friday Yogis,

My little brother has informed me that 'Yogis' should be capitalized and I quite agree. Well, here we are again at another Friday. The days do seem to truly blend together. Where now, in most cases, a weekday afternoon run is perfectly acceptable, as is a full work weekend. Because Saturday and Sunday, feel a whole lot like Monday through Friday. At least for me!

If you feel me on this, how about we make Sunday a bit extra special? Join me for Sunday yoga! Here is what we are going to get into on Sunday.

In addition to our regular/sweaty/soulful flow, we are going to switch things up (just a bit). Let's do a little bit of quarantine goal-setting, and a vision meditation, so that we can position ourselves to stay on track together as we work towards our goals. I've said it before, but how amazing would it be if we could emerge from this quarantine, evolved, better, more whole. Depending on what your goals are, you might be wanting to emerge from this period of life with the satisfaction of having been your child's Mom, teacher, therapist, best friend, their everything. Quite simply, your goal might be to read all of Jane Austen's novels (this is one of mine!).

Please bring a pen and paper to class on Sunday. If you want to write in a journal, that works too!

I felt a spark of inspiration today, to 'just do it.' Take a step towards that goal that is within reach, and you know it, but for whatever reason you keep putting it off. Go start it, the hard one, that somehow makes it to the end of the to-do list! It's hard to get started, but you got this. Once it's begun, the momentum will help carry you through. Take the step, and get going!

Join me for the Sunday Yoga Flow, (every week from 8-9:15am). Please email me for the link and password.

We have already donated $500 to Aloha United Way, let's keep it going! Make this your cannot miss weekly appointment, you deserve this time, to process the week, to connect and feel all the feels. And on Sunday, we are going to set some goals!

I hope to see you Sunday on the mat!

Big love,

P.S. The 'Just Do It' theme of today's email, is totally separate from the fact that I would love to work at a company like Nike. However, as the theme emerged, it has now reinforced my connection to this company's mission and beliefs.