Recipe: Yoga Fuel

Recipe: Yoga Fuel

All Organic Open Face Sandwich

I made this lunch today, post yoga teaching and practicing, to fuel up for an energy-full day of more yoga!


Coconut oil

Dijon mustard

One avocado

A ton of garlic

Mushrooms (sliced)

Red onion

Yellow and red bell peppers,


A few dashes of tamari

Whole wheat bread toasted

Extra firm tofu

Homemade almond milk (optional)

Raw whole cashews

Fruit Bowl: 2 mangoes, blueberries, banana, red grapes


-Saute garlic (minced) and onions (chopped) in a tablespoon of coconut oil

-Add mushrooms (chopped), then bell peppers (chopped), then broccoli (chopped), then tamari

-Saute tofu in coconut oil and dash of tamari

-Toast bread then add Dijon to taste

-Slice Avocado and add to one piece of bread

-Scoop sautéed veggies and add to one pieced of bread

-Fruit Bowl: Chop 2 mangoes and combine with blueberries, red grapes, banana

-Serve with a handful of raw organic cashews on the side and 1 glass of almond milk



With Love,

laura mary